CreepShots vs. Predditors

Granted this post has very little to do with “news” and much more to do with social media.

I’m speaking, of course, about the recent drama involving Reddit users and a subreddit called “CreepShots.” If that name isn’t enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, the page’s content certainly is.

CreepShots is a subreddit in which candid pictures of women are posted because, for one reason or another the (usually male) photographer found a woman to be *ahem* attractive (the page’s complete creepy credence can be viewed here).

Yep, a few million casual internet addicts posting photos of women’s bodies to which they have no right. The usual.

Here’s where the real newsworthiness comes in: a female blogger, sick of moderators failing to take action, began collecting the offending posters’ personal information and publishing it on a tumblr she named Predditors. The purpose? To oust the creepers before they did anything really dangerous (read: sexual harassment and rape).

Predditors has now been shut down, as has CreepShot (though the reign of internet creeps continues on rubreddits like CreepSquad).

The real question in interweb wars such as this one is: who has the right? Neither side was technically doing anything illegal, but in this internet age how long are we willing to look the other way?

Social media is a great journalistic tool, but it also shines an unfortunate light on the cringe-worthy underbelly of the internet. In this day and age, with new technologies springing up virtually overnight, we need rules and regulations that evolve at an equal pace.

Someone’s got to decide: How creepy is too creepy?

(For more info on the issue Jezebel has some enlightening articles: click here and here.)

CreepShots vs. Predditors

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