Debate debacles

Disclaimer: This is not by any means a political blog, but writing about the most recent campaign happenings is a rare treat. A debate airs, political reactionaries go haywire and take to their social media accounts, and all hell breaks loose (Exhibit A).

Last Tuesday, unless you actively took refuge to avoid it (some do), you caught wind of the Presidential debate hosted a Hofstra University in New York.

I myself watched the spectacle on Youtube Politics’s livestream from my sickbed. What was open in the neighboring tab? Twitter, of course.

One of the many accounts I follow put it best when he posted this tweet: “Having more fun laughing about tweets about the #debate…than actually watching the debate”.

Truer words were never spoken.

Hardly had words left the mouth of a candidate than they were being responded to on twitter. Within minutes of either candidate making a factual statement there were accounts checking them against published truths and comparing (and tweeting) the results. (Check out this fact check page by the New York Times, full of useful tidbits.)

On the other end of the spectrum, all gaffes and slip-ups by either candidate were immediately seized by the opposing side and monopolized upon. The most unfortunate of these may have been Romney’s now-infamious “binders full of women” comment (to see the video clip click here).

The result? Memes such as this:


and this:


and, unfortunately, this:


Last Tuesday’s debate marks another victory for rapid-fire social media.

Debate debacles

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