Web design for dummies

…etc. etc. you know the rest. If you can find it in your hearts to overlook the cliché, allow me to explain: with this phrase Mr. Dickens accurately summarized the four hours my group and I spent editing our website Monday evening.

What website? Why, the one for our final project in Multimedia, of course. We chose to cover the Pet Central residence halls at Stephens College. Animal lovers unite!

The interviews, photos and footage were easy – we’d been trained for this for weeks. Web design was another matter.

I have to hand it to my friend Crystal, who slaved away at our chosen wix template before either Annie or I realized we could be helpful. She is a webmaster to end all webmasters.

Annie, of course, did an impeccable job with the video; she’s naturally gifted.

I was assigned the text story. The thing fluctuated from 400 to 600 to 1,000 words — and ended up around 800. Interviews were no sweat (once they actually happened) but transcribing them was, as usual, a pain. Hashing them all together into a cohesive story is something I never though I could accomplish.

(Side note: an expertly written story by The New York Times over the same subject matter did nothing to alleviate my misgivings.)

Monday saw us frantically editing all of these elements (plus photos and audio) in the Futures lab of RJI, a place I’ve lovingly nicknamed “the pit.” We immersed ourselves in editing at 3 p.m. and emerged, exhausted, at 7 p.m.

To me, the finished product is worth it.

For a look at our website, visit http://cthomas224.wix.com/petcentral.

Web design for dummies

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