Snow day the GA way

When I wake up, the snow has stopped.

It’s still bright white outside, but with a gray tinge of sludge. The outside world, no longer pristine, is being gradually plowed, trampled and defiled by us, its residents.

I look at the clock: 7:15 a.m. I check my email: campus closed for the second day in a row. I roll over and bury my head back in the pillow.

An hour later I wake up again and reflexively check my inbox. Two emails: One from Jeanne Abbott, my General Assignment editor, and one from Sara Shipley Hiles, my Vox beat editor. Both with the same question: Where are you?!

My GA shift! It started this morning at 8!! I was, dress, slap on makeup, pack up, grab a granola bar and fly out the door. The trek through melting snow is long, cold and a little damp; my boots only come to the ankle.

When I finally get to Lee Hills I’m roughly two hours late. I sign in, flustered, and apologize. Offer to stay two extra hours. Am talked down and assigned a story.

Snow generates a lot of news, especially when it comes as thick and fast as ours. A native Texan, this is my first experience reporting on anything like extreme weather conditions. All of us GA-ers are assigned something that revolves around snow: a story of good samaritans, a story about towing cars, and mine, about traffic on I-70. Joy.

The “hard news” aspect appeals to me though, especially running on as little sleep as I am. I make calls, ask terse questions, write notes, write a story. Easy, quick. It’s already gone to press as I type.

When I leave the newsroom the snow will be there, waiting for me. I love it because it’s beautiful and, now, because it’s newsworthy.

My view trudging to GA this morning.
The breathtaking view out my window. Toto, we aren’t in Texas anymore.
Snow day the GA way

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