Crunch time in Columbia: True/False Film Festival

February 28, 2013: It has begun.

The 10th annual True/False Film Festival is upon us… upon Columbia, Missouri, and, more importantly, upon Vox.

A few years back, Vox won exclusive True/False coverage rights. Since then, the magazine has made it its duty to provide the best and most thorough coverage of the festival. T/F issues are long, labor-intensive and excruciatingly detailed.

This year I had a hand in that detail. The 2013 True/False issue, which came out today, includes my story on Dan Lindsay, Academy Award winning director. Basically he brought his film, Undefeated, to True/False last year, along with his little gold statue… not a big deal. It was amazing to talk to him about filmmaking, the Oscars and his current projects.

During the festival itself (a.k.a. during this entire weekend), the entire Vox staff is responsible for covering every. single. aspect. of True/False.

For my humble reporter self, that means live event coverage. On Saturday morning at 11:45 a.m. I will be at the True/False box office downtown, ready to set off on a “Speculative Stroll.” What is a speculative stroll? Who knows. How will I cover it? Remains to be seen. (Needless to say I have some pre-reporting to do.)

Regardless, I can’t wait to participate in such a huge Columbia happening. True/False is something unique to our city that draws thousands of interesting people together for one movie-filled weekend. Let the films begin!


Crunch time in Columbia: True/False Film Festival

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