The goodbye

It’s happened. It’s here. The. final. week. of. the. semester.

Sitting in the Missourian newsroom during my last GA shift, reminiscing about all the life stories I’ve written here (and one news brief but that doesn’t count), one, and only one, feeling washes over me: relief.

Not that I haven’t learned loads — I have. It’s the way in which I’ve learned that’s exhausted, depleted and mentally unhinged me.

This semester has taught me how to talk to grieving families, how to write a news brief on highway closures, how to respond when threatened with a lawsuit, how to juggle five stories at once, and how to mop up tears/snot and present a respectable face to the public after a breakdown in my editor’s office.

But it also taught me how to connect with sources on a personal level, to relax when making phone calls, to write a clean first draft, how to find my voice, and that writing is, in fact, what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Pros and cons but, in the end, it’s over and I can breathe…

The hello 

…until May 20. This summer is goodbye to one publication, hello (hola) to another. In 10 days I’ll be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina to intern at El Sol de San Telmo, a community-oriented magazine. Daily life? In Spanish. Articles? In Spanish. Dreams? In Spanish. Probably.

Yes, the anticipation is killing me. On Thursday morning I pack up my room in Columbia, speed to St. Louis, drop off excess possessions there and jet off to Texas. Three days at home and I fly from Houston to Buenos Aires, arriving in time for the shuttle from the airport on May 20. Whew.

Then begins two months of classes, interning, and finding my way around the city.

My friends Kari and Brandon hung out there all semester (the internship program is through the j-school and includes perks like apartments and cultural orientation) and are obsessed. They rant, they rave, and they build up my expectations almost endlessly.

Here’s hoping Argentina lives up to the hype.

And yes, the title is another band reference. A good one. Check them out, folks.


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