#FreeWriteFriday – shouting in libraries

Thus begins, with all suitable pomp and circumstance (read: none), my inaugural #FreeWriteFriday. Yes, I’m posting it on a Saturday… only 11 hours late. As it’s the first one I see this as plenty of room for improvement. Moving on.

Garrett Richie (full-name status) explains the concept of a Free Write Friday quite eloquently here, but let me offer a summary. Short pieces produced in a limited timespan are given only cursory editing and posted. Why? Because doing something like this stimulates the creative brain. For too long I’ve struggled with blog posts, wondering what should I write about next?

With #FreeWriteFriday the answer is: anything.


9:42 a.m. 

We are obnoxious, the four of us. Talking loudly, attracting glares, but the manic light shines in our eyes and we can’t stop.

He wheels away from the desk toward our table: large, white, scattered with papers and half-highlighted words and note cards and stress.

“A word game,” he says. We three look up from our slouch-shouldered studies. “Every sentence has to end in a word with more than three syllables. Ready? Go.”

participate. The stress sloughs off like a discarded
exoskeleton. We are

We keep it up, staring across into another person’s pupils, trying to trip them up, laughing when something sounds ridiculous, delving deeper and deeper into our respective
vocabularies. To ourselves we are
ingenious. To those in a 5-foot radius we are
ridiculous. But we are also

The unspoken truth: we belong to each other irrevocably, if only for that one ephemeral

Two syllables. It’s over.

Back to the table, back to the notes. Drifting ever so gently back to reality and to the realization that our exam begins in 20 minutes. Our mild escape is

10:23 a.m.

#FreeWriteFriday – shouting in libraries

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