An In-N-Out Customer Says He Found Meth in His Milkshake – August 1, 2015

Massachusetts Police Department Preferred Applicants Who Said They Wouldn’t Arrest Other Officers for DUI – August 1, 2015

Millennials Are the Most Educated, Worst Paid Generation – August 1, 2015

Cecil the Lion’s Brother, Jericho, Is Alive and Well – August 1, 2015

Joe Biden Might Run for President – August 1, 2015

Channing Tatum Will Definitely Star in ‘Gambit’ – August 1, 2-15

Man Shoots Down a Drone Creeping on His Kids – August 1, 2015

July is the Deadliest Month for Police-Related Killings This Year – August 1, 2015

The Teaser Trailer for ‘Zoolander 2’ Gets Deep – August 1, 2015

Jared from Subway Allegedly Paid for Sex with a 16-Year-Old Girl – August 1, 2015

J.J. Abrams Literally Broke His Back for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – July 31, 2015

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