Inspired by the ever-brilliant Ann Friedman, here are some people I admire and who do amazing work. 

Kari Paul
 taught me feminism.
Hilary Weaver writes about social issues.
Ryan Burleson is the critic of critics.
Stephanie Grella, ace reporter.
Sienna Fantozzi loves dessert.
Abigail Carney is my creative muse.
Allison Pohle tells great stories.
Madeline O’Leary is conquering the business world.
Celia Ampel writes about tech.
Kayla Elam is culture.

Robert Langellier already knows all about you.
Claire Voon writes about art.
Marcus Jones is a pop culture maven.
Audrey Bruno writes about food.
Dani Kass gets business law.
Lizzie Johnson, reporter and world traveler.
Jesse Bishop hates adverbs.
Ted Hart is good at everything.
Ian Servantes runs on swag and snark.
Madison Feller advises millennials.
Thom Dixon runs a kick-ass literary site.
Brandon Foster writes about #sports.
Hanna Jacunski is a beautiful soul.
Crystal Thomas is the voice of reason.

Other brilliant humans
Annie Melton is going to save the world.
Robin Beattie designs graphics.
Brad Spudich is the illest.
Rose McManus is cooler than you.
Julia Bush makes me laugh/cry.
Colette Rector is delightful.
Sarah Mosier gets me.
Hannah Reese writes creative fiction.