National Empty Chair Day

In light of recent events (namely Clint Eastwood’s unorthodox monologue at the Republican National Convention), Monday, September 3rd was declared National Empty Chair Day by social medi-ites across the nation.

Websites such as “Legal Insurrection” accumulated massive backlogs of ’empty chair’ pictures sent in my users, each with a unique message. Some are in support of Obama, some are for Romney, and some simply bash governmental authority of every sort. (See “Legal Insurrection”‘s lengthy NECD post here.)

President Obama’s response to the speech was perhaps even more buzz-worthy than the thousands of empty chair pictures flooding the internet.

On Thursday, August 30 his reelection team tweeted a picture of the president seated in his designated Oval Office chair with the caption “This seat’s taken.”

Personally, I condone Obama’s staff for taking initiative and for interacting with the digital masses in a humorous way that nonetheless conveyed an appropriate message to the Republican party: I’m still here.

His team knows what it’s doing. They took the social media tool and used it successfully to create internet buzz… buzz, once again, over empty chairs.

President Obama’s jab at Eastwood’s ’empty chair’ speech had thousands of re-tweets within minutes of posting.
National Empty Chair Day