Spring has sprung

Come one, come all and devour Vox Magazine‘s Spring Preview issue!


Not only does will it give you an excellent idea of what’s coming to CoMo in the next few months, it does so in a way that pleases the eye. I’m talking about Jake Godin‘s illustrations which, incidentally, are excellent.

The Spring Preview issue also marks my first time as a published Vox reporter! Name in print and all that. It’s exciting stuff, though I’ll admit I have yet to grab a physical issue. Thursdays, you know.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the ‘On Stage’ section, which I worked on in collaboration with my friend Hilary, and here’s one to my ‘Highlight;’ one upcoming event that I expanded upon. (Yes, it’s about Romeo and Juliet. Commence geeking out.)

Happy reading!

Spring has sprung