Video & Audio

In the Bowl with Mark Gonzales

Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales is a well-known street skater. We caught up with him at Pier 62 in Chelsea where he showed us some tricks in action and dropped some serious knowledge. (2:04)

Pulse Dance Project

Pulse president and NYU senior Nina Fisher filled us in on her passion for Pulse. She loves dance, but not as a career; she’s actually a chemistry major poised to take the MCAT this spring. (2:36)

Matters of Faith

Ken McRae was a successful businessman living in Toronto before he gave up his material possessions to devote his life to practicing yoga. (1:03)

Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Missouri Contemporary Ballet Director of Operations Joanne Sandorfi gives her definition of contemporary ballet. (0:43)

Scenes from Missouri Contemporary Ballet rehearsals are combined with interviews of company members to portray a typical day in the life of an MCB dancer. (2:12)

Elizabeth Updegraff is the Ballet Mistress at Missouri Contemporary Ballet in Columbia, Mo. Here she talks about her role in the company and how she interacts with MCB’s dancers. (1:00)